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In April 2006 I weighed 13 stone 2 lbs and as I am only 5 foot 2 inches I was a very round chubby person but not a happy one.
I have always been inclined to put on weight easily, 2 children and a hysterectomy later I was eating for England. I had already tried numerous diets but had always regained the weight I lost, and more, easily and quickly, I had done Weightwatchers, Sure Slim, Slimming club, F Plan, Cabbage, Atkins a couple I have not tried but I do not need to now.

By April 2007, with a lot of encouragement and help from Lorraine, I had lost 25lbs and although I had reduced the amount of food I still ate normally just a little less of it and now I was exercising the weight away.
Gradually I have become fitter and healthier, and a lot happier.

Now I weight 9 stone 7 lbs and am a size 10.
I eat normally and exercise about 3 times a week, and I feel GREAT!

I have run 5K quite a few times including the Adidas Women’s Challenge in Hyde Park and this May I will be trying to walk a Marathon for Breast Cancer in the London Moonwalk.

Lorraine Cole and Silhouette-Diet-Fitness have changed my life completely.

Mrs. Sally H 04/2010