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Tune Up Your Body with a Sports Massage

You are vigilant about your training and watch your diet, why then, are you not committed to receiving the bodywork that should be a regular element of your training?

“It’s amazing how many athletes and sports people don’t even think about getting bodywork, even when they are in season,” said Lorraine Cole, massage therapist with a diploma in sports massage therapy. “Regular maintenance is always recommended to athletes and all sports people that are consistently overworking the same muscle groups. But during those tough parts of the year, when you are competing and doing your most rigorous training, that’s when it’s most important.”“Our bodies are like our cars. You have to get regular maintenance on your car. Without proper attention, they break down. You should apply the same care to your body, all year round on a regular basis but especially before tournaments and golfing “holidays”... getting massaged to make sure your body is prepared for what’s ahead is beneficial and will help in the long run.

Benefits of Massage

- Maintain the body generally in better condition.

 - Prevent injuries and loss of mobility.

 - Cure and restore mobility to injured muscle tissue.

 - Boost performance.

 - Extend the overall life of your sporting career.


The terms deep tissue and myofascial release are often used together. Many think they are synonymous, but there are differences in these types of massage. Both techniques are very beneficial to sports people

Deep tissue massage: The therapist works deep into the actual muscles, trigger points and tender points.

Myofascial release: The massage goes even deeper, concentrating on the fascia, fibers and connective tissue of the muscles, instead of the actual muscles.

With any massage—even a relaxing Swedish massage—there’s still the benefit of blood and oxygen running through the body, breaking up adhesions in the body and flushing out toxins. But deep tissue, myofascial release, sports massage, are recommended for sports people to ensure muscles are getting proper attention, and spine and hips are aligned and adjusted properly.

Often sports people can’t identify the specific problems they are having, they just know they are experiencing pain or an inability to “get the moves”. I usually know right away according to what kind of sport they’re involved with to deal with their complaint.”

Do-it-yourself Bodywork - techniques to soothe overworked muscles and relieve muscle pain:

- Tennis Balls: Lay on the floor with a tennis ball—lay on top of it where your tender point is and roll around on the muscle for a few minutes, breathing deeply. You should feel a release.

- Muscle stick or rolling pin: Have someone roll it on your muscle for release.

- Stretching

- Ice

- Biofreeze: Good for acute injuries; prevents them from getting worse.

- Tiger Balm: Best for chronic and long-term injury and pain. The eucalyptus settles the muscles and produces a long-lasting effect.

“The body is an interesting thing, but unlike our cars, we’re stuck with them for the rest of our lives,” “Why not take care of it now, so instead of watching your grandson play football—you can be on his team playing with him.”