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Qualities of a Good Deep Tissue Massage Therapist

1. Little to no pain - yes that is right. Deep tissue bodywork can be and should be done without pain.

2. Will be in constant contact with you about the level of discomfort you are feeling. It is important to set up a system for communicating this information - something like choosing a number between 1-10 with 10 being unbearable.

3. NO Bruising. If tissue is being bruised it is being damaged. Many deep tissue therapists will tell you that is part of the treatment. In my opinion, it should not be. Bruising indicates that the tissue is not strong enough or healthy enough to be worked on that deeply.

4. There are other methods of therapy that achieve the same things as deep tissue.

5. Be aware that people like deep tissue because they think they aren't getting their money's worth if they can't feel the work. This may be an indication that the person's tissues are numb from chronic holding and armouring.

6. The key to doing deep tissue work is to relax. The therapists hand/fingers should be loose and flopping when are using their elbow.

7. Physical strength has little to do with deep tissue therapy. A good deep tissue therapist will be using their "Ki" or "chi" or energy to access the deeper tissues of the body.

8. Using force will cause tissues to tighten and resist relaxing. Using force can inflict trauma.

9. Deep tissue work that is causing pain and there is no emotional release is usually too much. Trauma can be emotional as well as physical. If a person is unable to release the emotions that are held in the deeper layers, they may be re-traumatized and the emotional pain will deepen.

10. Little to no pain. Did I already say that??